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We haven’t gone for gritty, we’ve gone for grounded. If we try and make Batman, we’ll fail. The new Batman is it’s own thing - and also in terms of tone, Spider-Man is nothing like that character. Spider-Man is witty, Spider-Man is a kid, Spider-Man wants to have fun, he’s a teenager and he needs to go through first love and piss around

Andrew Garfield


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Lots. He’s incredibly talented and intelligent and intuitive. It means so much to him to be playing this part and just getting to walk in Peter Parker’s shoes. He’s really just giving it his all and I’ve never seen anything like it… He’s one of the best, not just Spider-Men, but actors I’ve ever met… A lot of times you dream about things and they pale in comparison when you actually do them, but it’s better.
Emma Stone, on what makes Andrew Garfield a great Peter Parker (via lucy-vanpelt)



I found The Goonies very inspiring. I identified with every character: Mikey, the leader; Mouth, the trickster; Data, the inventor; and Chunk, this lovely, beautiful, sad, misunderstood, slightly larger kid. The Goonies is boys needing to be boys on their path to manhood. It’s a classic.
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It had a profound effect on the crew. After we shot that scene, we packed up in dead silence. For Andrew it was a complete and utter catharsis—there was no restraint or thought. He translates all that cerebral stuff into something visceral.
Mark Romanek, on the screaming scene from Never Let Me Go
I couldn’t gag the 5-year-old self inside of me,” Garfield says. “I said, ‘What should we do?’ And he was like”—at this point Garfield slips into an accent that might belong to a preschool Al Pacino—” ‘DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? It’s Spider-Man!’ My inner 5-year-old is a New Yorker with a smoker’s cough and a horrible mouth.
Jeff Gordinier, for Details magazine



Andrew Garfield:
Yes, I quite liked not having to get dressed up for this film. Although it's much easier for a guy, because there's less pressure to live up to, I think. But I think for Keira and Carey, it was especially liberating not to focus on glamour.
Why's that?
Andrew Garfield:
It's rare you get two female roles in the same film that aren't just supposed to be the object of a man's desire.



When we were filming in Norfolk, I went to dinner with Carey and Keira one night. There I was sitting in-between these beautiful girls, when I started having an allergic reaction to something in my food. I had to spend the rest of that night in hospital. Alex Garland (screenwriter) took me. I’m used to it, because I’ve been in hospital a few times with this, but Carey was beside herself and Keira was terrified. It was just the most awkward moment ever, to go into anaphylactic shock at dinner.
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My mum would be, ‘Yes, yes, you have lovely hair,’ Garfield says, laughing, while looking at the magazine. I’m really flattered that these guys have noticed the work it takes to control a lion’s mane on a human head.
Andrew Garfield, on being named Esquire Magazine Grooming Icon 2011 (via kirklandhouse)



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It was beautiful because it was a real opportunity for people to deal with someone’s heart being placed in front of them. I got really upset with the moderator and upset with people’s snarking because it was so un-inclusive and narrow. People were saying, ‘This isn’t appropriate. This isn’t a therapy session.’ Its like, fuck you: Why can’t it be a therapy session?

Andrew Garfield, talking about a Never Let Me Go press conference where a woman “over-shared” about her personal experience with organ donation

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